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Martha Wayne needs to be in more comics. A lot of writers seem to focus more upon Bruce’s dad Thomas, with Martha forming a nebulous Mum Cloud, on the basis that Thomas was a doctor and a defacto aristocrat and thus influenced a lot of Bruce’s personality in a “help people and be socially responsible with your wealth” kind of way, but there have been numerous portrayals of Martha that show her impact on Bruce too.

For example, in Paul Dini’s Streets of Gotham series, they actually explore the beginnings of Martha and Thomas’ relationship and how it was her influence that caused Thomas to actually START being the socially responsible person he later became. In addition to giving her an actual personality and backstory.

Or in Geoff John’s Batman: Earth One they merge her with the Arkham family, and make her an advocate for the mentally ill in addition to trying Bruce directly to what would later become Arkham Asylum.

A lot of the time writers instead seem to focus more on the fact that she was killed rather than her life… which is actually kind of depressing. In Greg Rucka’s Death and the Maidens, for example, when his parents’ ghosts/hallucinations claiming to be ghosts appear Martha has most of her face shot off as that’s the only way Bruce can remember hero. Or in Grant Morrison’s Batman run where she doesn’t appear at all, but is used more as a pawn by her family (who think Thomas was a bad influence) or as a means to hurt Bruce (faking evidence that she was a drug addict who Thomas pimped out to his friends).

Martha Wayne can and has been a very interesting character in her own right, but we’re in a situation where she’s left more in the background. Like in Batman Begins I don’t even think that she had any lines, with all Bruce’s parental advice coming from his Dad or Alfred.

Which, again, is kind of depressing.

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